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Hi, I'm Barry.

Welcome to my musical community! I will help you discover and nurture your passion for music.

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Welcome to One Lad Music Academy

Welcome to One Lad Music Academy, a vibrant hub where music and creativity come alive! Founded by Barry Carroll, our mission is to revolutionize music education by making it engaging, fun, and deeply connected with each child's interests.

Here at One Lad Music Academy, we believe in the potential of every child. We teach the so-called "unteachable," and warmly welcome the misunderstood. We're not just about learning notes and rhythms; we're about fostering a lifelong love for music. 

We offer online registration, automated bill pay, in-house materials, and flexible timetables, all designed to make your life easier. Our welcoming, safe environment is built to boost confidence, spark joy, and encourage each student to hit the high notes of their potential.

Whether your little one can't help but tap their toes to a beat, or they're just embarking on their musical journey, One Lad Music Academy is ready to guide them every step of the way.

Come join our musical family where we don't just teach music, we make music!

You're keen to let your little one dive into all sorts of activities, to let them unearth their passions and find that one thing that truly sets their hearts ablaze.

You're driven by the desire to give them all the opportunities you might not have had growing up.

But, let's be honest, this comes with its own share of sacrifices, doesn't it?

You're working hard to foot the bill for all these enriching experiences. You're always on the move, shuttling them between school, sports, and home. You're like a master juggler, keeping all your kids' schedules up in the air.

It's a fair load to bear, no doubt! But for you, it's all worth it when you see that priceless smile light up your child's face.

We might not be able to add extra hours to your day, but picture this:

✨ Picture your little one so thrilled to be dropped off for an activity that they're practically leaping out of the car before you've even hit the brakes.

✨ Picture coming back to collect them and they're pleading for just a smidgen more time.

✨ Picture teachers who are not just positive and supportive, but who make genuine connections with every kid, not just their own pupils.

✨ Picture your child in an environment where they feel like they truly fit in, where they belong.

✨ Picture your child discovering their confidence.

Well, there's no need for daydreaming...

Because that's precisely what music lessons at

One Lad Music Academy are all about!

Barry and the team are so approachable and knowledgeable, all round fantastic service!

Gillian George

The Music Career Show Podcast

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